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Why do you need a spark arrestor?

How does it look like
Spark Arrestor

Spark arrestor play an important role which help to mitigate the risk of ignition of explosion from flammable materials caused by spark emission from diesel engine exhaust.

Spark Arrestors are a safety key feature for both hazardous area and lower risk diesel engine applications such as forestry or agriculture where a stray spark may cause ignition of combustible material. Therefore, their use is required by law in many jurisdictions worldwide.

Furthermore, when on and off load in the exhaust, it will boost up the high carbon particular content, carbon composed and the high ratio of free oxygen in the exhaust gas. Therefore, all diesel engines have the potential to emit spark even the clean engines.

There are a percentage of igniting fires or causing explosions with the amount of energy that carried by these sparks which will transmitted over huge areas in the presence of gases, flammable materials and so forth.


How does a spark arrestor help you out :

Matola Spark arrestor help to prevent catastrophic fires which might start your dust collector and spread throughout your facility.

These fire might lead to : -

• Production line shut down

• The cleaning job after fires also troublesome for maintenance staff.

• Prevent vehicle explode in hazardous area.

Last but not least, spark arrestor can ensure the safety employees within a workplace and avoid accident.



Safe use in potentially explosive atmospheres :

Utilized globally in the oil and gas industry AND

• Pharmaceutical

• Petrochemical Industries

• Petroluem Transport

• Mining

• Generator ( Diesel )

• Timber/Paper Handling & Processing

• Oil Refinery

• Agriculture/Forestry

Types of Spark Arrestor :

• Heavy Duty ( Trucks / Machinery etc )

• Medium Duty ( Small lorry / Machinery etc )

• Light Duty ( pick-up car / generator etc )

In order to have better performance of using spark arrestor and make sure it is perfectly fit into your vehicle or machinery, Matola Spark arrestor available in 3 types and provided custom made service based on your diameter.



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